Giving Back

A percentage of sales from all orders will be donated to Every Child Hope Children's Home | Transitional living

About the Organization: 

Every Child’s Hope (ECH) was founded on January 20, 1858, by Rev. Louis Nollau as an orphanage for children whose immigrant parents had died from cholera outbreaks. Originally, one orphan boy was taken in by a St. Louis church, but that quickly grew to include approximately 50 children. Then called the German Protestant Orphan’s Home, many of the children placed in the orphanage were found roaming the streets and sleeping in doorways.
By the mid-1860s, programs were moved to our current location on St. Charles Rock Road, where more than 300 orphans called ECH home. Renamed the Evangelical Children’s Home in 1945, services and programs were adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of St. Louis youth.

Today, ECH is no longer an orphanage, but caring for vulnerable children is still at the heart of each program. More than 200 staff members across St. Louis and Kansas City campuses are dedicated to preventing child abuse, treating emotional trauma and mental health issues, and providing aftercare and follow-up services. ECH helps more than 1,400 youth each year, offering healing and hope that sets them on a path for a brighter future.

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