About Us

 Reframing The Timeless Eyewear Conversation

 We’re an eyewear company dedicated to simple, classic pieces that weave style, functionality, and durability through each lens. Because eyewear is more than just an accessory, it’s a lifestyle.

Our Story

Founder Sassy Turner imagined Jsa Jsa Eyewear for decades. Growing up in a home surrounded and supported by A strong Mother and four Aunts , it was inevitable that Sassy would fall in love and take special delight in all-things fashion. Between her family’s everlasting emphasis on style, and her move into the Texas heat, it was only a matter of time before launching an eyewear company that blends fashion with practicality. Jsa Jsa Eyewear is dedicated to Sassy Turner’s family, but with high praise her Aunt Chereyl and Uncle George who were above and beyond instrumental figures in Sassy’s upbringing. This company wouldn’t exist without the support and encouragement of a united, trend-setting, forward-thinking family at its foundation.


About Sassy/ Owner,Creator: The Woman Behind The Lens

 Meet Jsa Jsa’s Founder, Sassy Turner. With an interior design and fashion merchandising background from the University of Memphis, Sassy has a knack for discovering trend-setting pieces that are also versatile and functional. Sassy feels that beauty starts within. Sassy understands that the emerging trends of the new generation was the opportunity to introduce timeless eyewear that never looks dated or goes out of style. Sassy then saw eyewear  as a fashion necessity, and that was her opportunity to be innovative. Sassy saw the need, and in 2021, birthed a collection to meet that need.



Every pair of sunglasses tells a story, whether the theme’s fun and flirty or sleek and edgy. We offer intentional, hand-selected eyewear that not only encompasses a wide variety of stories, but that does so at an ideal price point.

We believe eyewear can be trendy without sacrificing timelessness. Stylish sunglasses can be affordable without sacrificing quality.

Our collection serves to harmonize overall eyewear care with fashion through cutting-edge, protective lenses. We house trend-conscious pieces that do their job, and do it well.